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Acai berries are often considered as a superfood, and numerous studies have shown that the berries mainly contain anthocyanins (ACNs), procyanidins (PACs) and other flavonoids. Anthocyanin -3- glucoside and anthocyanin -3- rutin were the main components of anthocyanin. The total anthocyanin content was 3.1919mg/g(DW). The total content of anthocyanin was 12.89mg/g(DW).

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It is the most well-known antioxidant active substance in the world. The acai berry is easily absorbed by the body, acts as an immune system booster, is low in sugar and is a good source of fiber. Acai berries are also an excellent source of many nutrients, such as unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, phytosterols, and provide a perfect complex of almost all essential amino acids.

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[Product Name] : The factory supplies 99% Acai powder
[English name] : Acai Berry powder
[Extraction source] : Acai berry fruit
[Product appearance] : purple powder
[Product color] : With Acai berry inherent color, and uniform
[Product impact] : The product has the color, smell and taste of acai berry, no odor
[Product specifications] : Acai fruit powder, Acai anthocyanin, Acai freeze-dried powder and other specifications
[Ingredient Description] : Acai berry is rich in anthocyanins, fatty acids, polyphenols and other components.
[Number of product items] : 95% pass 80 items
[Detection method] : TLC
[Application scenario] : Used in solid beverage, tablet candy, meal replacement powder and other industries


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