Organic Orange Fruit Powder With HACCP certificate

Short Description:

Botanical name: Mandarin orange
Ingredients: 100% 
No Additives.:No Preservatives. GMO free. Allergen Free
Drying method:Spray drying
Standard: FDA, HALAL, ISO9001, HACCP

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Description of raw materials:

Due to the relatively high degree of commercialization of oranges, a number of cultivars with different characteristics were created in response to the market demand, such as late maturing summer oranges (Minesha orange, Orinda orange) to fill the gap in the market,
Geographical protection varieties conducive to fresh food seedless orange Gannan navel orange, etc. In China, the young and fallen fruit can be dried for medicinal purposes. Storable and transportable. The difference in maturity period can prolong the supply period of fresh fruit and raw materials.

Product Description:

【Product Name】Orange Powder ,Orange Fruit Powder
【 Product Specification 】
[Product appearance] Loose powder, no caking, no visible impurities, light yellow powder
[Warranty Period] The original package is valid for 24 months
【 Physicochemical index 】
Solubility: Soluble in water
E. coli: Not detectable
Salmonella: Not detectable
【Product Application】Drink brewing, tablet candy, meal replacement powder, baking coloring, etc
【Product nature】mass purchase of raw materials, one-time production, stable and reliable quality;
Advanced spray drying technology is adopted to retain nutrients and taste in plants.
The product has good solubility, low moisture content, capacity transportation and storage;
Fine powder particles, good fluidity, fine and uniform, not easy to stratify


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