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  • Fruit powder | | Cherry blossom powder
    Post time: 03-03-2023

    Cherry blossom powder Sakura has A good effect of shrinking pores and balancing oil. It is rich in natural vitamins A, B and E. Sakura leaf flavonoids also have the effect of beautify, strengthen mucous membranes and promote sugar metabolism. Sakura extract co...Read more »

  • Fruit powder | | mulberry powder
    Post time: 03-03-2023

    Mulberry powder Mulberry powder Use high quality raw materials Total water solution Water soluble clear without precipitation Uniform color Mulberry inherent color, fine silt...Read more »

  • New product recommendation | | persimmon powder
    Post time: 03-02-2023

    persimmon>> Zhang Zhongshu, a poet in the Northern Song Dynasty, said: "The taste of persimmon is more than the fragrance of Hualin, the color of persimmon is...Read more »